By | December 12, 2020
About The Center for Ballet and the Arts at New York University

Jennifer Homans

The Center for Ballet and the Arts is a search center for arts designed with the discipline of classical ballet in mind. Alvarez Beer: The center aims to make people understand what ballet is in a big culture. At most I describe it as a think tank. It’s an incubator whose idea is to meet people from very different backgrounds but with a common interest: ballet We are filling a gap, there is no such thing. Sova made a very special fellowship program here at the CBA. It provides perhaps the most valuable equipment to anyone who is a scholar, a thinker, a practitioner, who has time.

They can come from the history of art, they can come from the comfort of film, they can come from physics for which they don’t have to work on dance at all. They just have to be interested. The Center for Ballet in the Arts is a world-renowned research university and is valued by its resources. From libraries to other scholars, to other schools. So when people come here as partners, they can use these resources and it expands both universities and it expands the people who come here to meet new people and contribute to the NYU community. Allow taking. We all come to this particular subject from different parts of the world, from different angles.

We are practitioners and scholars who exchange ideas and actually influence each other a little bit. It’s really important to have both artists and scholars at the center. These are two words that just don’t talk to each other very often and I think they both stand to gain. The Center for Ballet and Arts hosts great programming. In a city like New York, we have seen very few things that are free and open to the public. So universities have become a resource for the community that will make people the art of the next generation, to participate in it, to engage in it, to understand why it is necessary.

We really want the audience, other scholars, other writers, other artists to be engaged with the people who are here and with the theme of ballet and performing arts. Universities are usually places where you learn to think, ballet is also about your body. It’s also because the university may not be able to do much, so I’m glad to see people come to the center and start thinking about things that weren’t part of their background. We are striving to create a place where dance and the arts can thrive in this rapidly changing world. We hope for the most unexpected projects to come here. I mean, we’re the place where ideas can happen.

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