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New York University

College Tour

Welcome to New York! I am Violet, the mascot of NYU and your official tour guide! [Violet stands outside NYU] Let’s move on. However, this city works anyway. We were founded in 1831, and we have 26,000 undergraduates and 22,000 grades. [In NYU 1831] We are selective and dynamic, and yes, the Olson Twins once had to go to school here. Looks like Al that sounds crap to me This means that every day is filled with vibrancy… sounds… and really unique scents. And we are a top national university. US News College is ranked 32nd. This is enough for the humility of bragging on Facebook. [Boasts Facebook post about NYU] A lot of people want to choose the program for us. Top 10 in the country -… Our Stern School of Business. … And our home of legendary art and film schools, the Tish School of the Arts, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, and M. Knight North. Who, in a shocking turn, can make a good movie one day? So how exactly does… NYU experience? [The man looks excited at NYU] Well; its formation is in the heart of the city from our unique location.

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A thriving metropolitan environment in which Washington Square Park has many, many adult … businesses. [Many sensor stores] Students live mostly in dormitories and apartments spread across the lower part of Manhattan. So don’t expect a traditional campus life full of trees, lakes, and hackneyed sugar. [Boy plays with a hockey bag in a park] Instead, students go out and experience New York City food, shows, and events. Excitement is just a walk… or a very narrow path. [Subway ride past] We’re big in sports, too. We have strong Division III entries, basketball, fencing, golf, soccer, [sports players] swimming, tennis, volleyball and wrestling. I’m just tired of the list of all these sports; besides, we are very famous for our unique “big programs of our own.” It’s like a mix and match game for kids. In addition to blocks, you are playing with your future. [Baby Holding Building Blocks] We also send a lot of students to oversee the Anwar Exchange Program. NYU Abu Dhabi, come here. یاد Remember to bring sunscreen. [The man stood outside NYU Abu Dhabi] And just who is your typical NYU student? Well, we’re surprisingly diverse, although we’re more attracted to women than men: 57% of our study body is sexual.

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[Women in the air in their hands] We also have a large conservative Jewish population. So large that there is a dormitory next to the Kosher dining hall. Politically, we are liberal. [A donkey with a sign of peace outside the Congress building] Except for our business school. All the wagon protests and socialist sit-ins may not sit well with them. In terms of relationships with other schools, NYU is a bit lonely. Sitting alone, the child with the art of choice is a child. [The girl is sitting alone in the street] I mean, yes, we compete a little bit with Colombia. They may be Ivy League, but whatever it is, we’re much cooler. Remember, some of our notable alumni include Aziz Ansari, Kirsten Bell, Billy Crystal, Angelina Jolie, Woody Allen, and hundreds of cool businessmen, senators, Pulitzer Prize winners, hackers, and even Jonas Seeker. Yes, and the Olson twins were here, I didn’t. You can leave me reminded of Colombia. So who cares if we don’t have a campus? Or that boobies aren’t purple by far? [NYU Shubankar stands next to a boobet] Or maybe Olson met the twins; visit New York, and have a really dynamic, global discussion, while New York City’s locations, voices and light Breathe in ridiculous smoke. [Man wearing a gas mask on a New York street] Maybe bring a gas mask.

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