By | January 3, 2021
NYU Students Want Free College For All

What did NYU Students want?

This will with Prager you today? We’re in New York City at Washington Square Park speaking to NYU students about free faculty. Let’s do it. Yes, yeah Yeah, I think it’s a good idea. I guess I think the government has the budget to fund it. I mean, of course, and they should also be recognizing that people are getting raped and Harvard and are not even paying attention to it.

Do you believe that if college were free? Everyone can go. It would make college less precious No, not really.

Who would pay for it? If it was open for all? I think we have to tax the wealthiest individuals in the country. I think you are seeing education. Yeah, like it would be taxpayer money. To an extent, I mean it should definitely be more Giving.

Still, it should the authorities, and they ought to stop spending so much money on the military. We have always been for cutting the military budget. it’s ridiculous if I want it to be like a trashman, you know. I just graduated high school.

I never went to college, then you are going to school, And you’re getting a degree does nothing to do with me. Yes, is that fair? I mean, I don’t really know.
I believe everyone deserves a higher education. Okay.

I want to receive a Gender Studies degree. The garbage man owes me his labor to cover my Gender Studies degree. There’s like no reason why it must be tens of thousands of dollars. Do you understand why schools are so expensive at the moment? I don’t give you a big reason.

The schools have gotten involved with the federal government so that individuals are no longer getting loans from banks. They’re getting loans from the government. You know, you can not file bankruptcy on a student loan from the federal government.

Why would a school not continue increasing the school’s price if they knew that you could not file bankruptcy on it? So they’ll continue to bring their costs for up the school because they would like to give people more chances. You know this was trying to help people.

Nonetheless, it’s doing the opposite as it’s making faculty way more expensive. I was just under the impression that banks like interest fees would be like a great deal more than like The national like the FASFA loans and stuff.

It was that way back in the day in the 70s 60s that individuals would go to a bank. They’d get a cosigner with their parents. Then get a loan if they had outstanding grades how they would go to school. The school was like you go to school for like twenty-five hundred dollars annually.

The college price when the government got involved, has been far past inflation rates.

Do you think that college should be free for everybody? I don’t think it should be, what can you say that? Fundamentally, I think whenever you are providing a service, someone is footing the bill, right? And so I really don’t always know that something like education at least.

I believe the privatized sector should not be subsidized. I think there’s a good deal of expenses that we see with the unnecessary faculty. So Like the purchase price is overblown, but it is also I don’t believe everyone should go to college.

I think there’s this, the stigma that like in the event you do not go to college, you are like wasting your life. We’re like not living up to, But I think it should be more like an exception like exceptional people going to school instead of like everybody going that makes sense.

Alright, guys, we just finished up here. Pretty much all of the NYU students think college should be free, But we can educate some folks on why school is so expensive and why college should not be free. We can change some minds today.

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