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Talk About New York University Travel Safety Resources

Talk About New York University

This Article will cover the following topics: NYU Traveler US Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program Safe NYU App Communication Back with Family and Friends NYU Mental Health Resources Pre-Departure Resources and Any Emergencies What to do in the situation NYU is a global university. Members of the New York University community travel the world for a variety of reasons, including their studies, education, research internships, working in health facilities, and participating in community service initiatives.

This Article identifies the safety measures available to passengers to ensure that their journey is safe and successful. There are several ways to register your trip with NYU Traveler, such as booking with agency or Nirvana, emailing your flight confirmation to travel on or your flight and / or accommodation via the registration form. Submitting Details The NYU Department of Public Safety can reach out to you in the event of an emergency or provide an alert when something happens, such as severe weather or labor strikes that could seriously affect your trip.

Travel requires research and preparation. If you have safety questions, you can email your public safety email to TravelSafety @ about your destination. If you are a U.S. citizen, you should consider enrolling in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which registers your trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate as they may be helpful. By providing additional information, international travelers are advised to contact their home country in the event of an emergency. For any information related to such resources, the Government Secure NYU app is a secure security resource when you visit a local. And global help is needed.

The app gives you access to emergency numbers, shipping points and emergency procedures from more than 190 countries when you open the app directly. Select from a new country or from an area in the Travel Safe section Other resources include: Contact numbers for NYU’s Valence Exchange and Public Safety’s 24/7 Communication Center Chat with Public Safety A mobile blue light that you can use And connects your location to the public. Safety is a friend walk button that shares your location with your chosen individual and traveler check-in buttons that allow you to register your location 48 hours in New York for travelers if you want to talk to your loved ones.

Travel Safety Resources

It is important to ignore beforehand but depending on your destination it can be difficult to research your destination for any restrictions on the communication space before you leave. Adaptations such as email services or app availability Then create and share a communication plan with family or friends that includes import information such as the contact number for your residence and the name of any organization or organization you are working with. Please use the Licensed Counselor on the 24/7 Valence Exchange Hotline at + 1-212-443-9999. Local phone numbers are also available online for countries that host NYU portal campuses and learning centers. Faculty and staff travelers should contact Caribridge. Many NYU programs, from January to January term classes at semester-long courses around the world, offer advance departure at NYU’s global learning centers and campuses. These resources are important to consider during your trip. Guidance included, please be sure to attend NYU is committed to making every effort to keep you safe during your trip but in case you have an emergency,

we would like to provide the following tips: Call the local police, fire or emergency services first to report, then try to arrive. Introduce yourself to your Trap Leader, local site staff if at a NYU location or other NYU faculty / staff who are present, to local emergency numbers or in a new country when you need to dial the appropriate number in an event. Set Safe NYU to its current location. Use the Safe NYU app to press the mobile blue light button or call NYU Public Safety, please note that this may be an international call Public Safety will try to provide assistance. Where this may be the case but it may be known that NYU’s resources may be limited to certain occasions and locations. If you have any concerns before departure please contact us and contact us at Travel Safety ۔

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