By | December 12, 2020
New York University

I was talking to a recruiter but I want your UPN. Why should I go to New York University? You want to start your career and live in New York as a starving person instead of 20 starving people. No, really. What is a good reason to go? You can help your students. Want to pay as much as you owe a home. But there is no place to live after college. I mean, I’m from New York – at least, from college. You want a guaranteed position on Wall Street, and you want to walk Wall Street! NYU is a place to start for many actors, models and directors. Without having to go into debt for a privilege, you can settle in Los Angeles for equality. I lived somewhere with all the first screenings, Broadway shows and nightly TV shows. To do this, you can spend up to 20 years and 5 years on New York’s big holidays, and there is no debt to students to show for it.

NYU has an amazing student community. One of their dormitories is so large that you can end up with a half-hour trip to class despite being on campus. NYU is a ticket to Wall Street, Broadway and other major companies. Like Starbucks? My parents can assure me that there is no Greek queue to attract me to my education. Yes, because the rest of NYC is there to distract you. College values diversity. This means that if you are white and straight, you will pay three times more than others unless you come from a state to a four-cornered country. Because they need at least one farm boy for diversity. They have excellent education and social work programs. Why go into a 160K loan to get a 30K degree? If you go to school close to home, you will be less than 100K less debt. They have wonderful opportunities to study abroad. I thought you were paying a lot for New York

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